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December 6, 2014

Many of us give up drinking in January but a new year shouldn’t start on a joyless note. So instead, why not just alter your habits & indulge with a bottle of our delicious low alcohol wine from our Wine Club selection.

As quality can be a little pricey, we are offering all these delicious wines at half price on Monday nights. Alternatively, if you are adventurous, why not try a flight sampling 80ml of each for £25?

All served by the glass or bottle.



2013 Vinho Verde, Aphros Loureiro, Lima, Portugal 11.5% £38 / £26 / £10

Loureiro – a refreshing wine: clean, lemony, with a touch of rose petals


2014 Muscat, “Don Cande”, Koyle, Itata, Chile 11.5% £40 / £28 / £11

Muscat – our first 2014 wine! This dry muscat is a pure expression of lifted stone fruit aromas


2013 “Dinavolino” Bianco, Denavolo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy 10.5% £50 / £35 / £11

Malvasia / Marsanne / Ortugo – four months of skins contact gives this orange wine a nice complexity, well balanced with light tannins & aromas of rosemary & thyme



2013 “L’Olto”, Nicolas Carmarans, Aveyron, France 10.5% £60 / £35 / £12

Fer Servadou – a rustic and wild natural wine with mushrooms, leather & dried fruit aromas


2013 Lammershoek, Cellar Foot Underwater Wine, South Africa 12% £75 / £55 / £18

Pinotage / Grenache / Carignan / Mourvedre – this wine, aged in barrels underwater has a lovely & vibrant purity

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December 3, 2014

Come and relax next to the fire and try one of our fantastic winter warmers – hot cocktails that will leave you feeling relaxed and warm from inside out.

Highland Fling 9.50

Laphroig, ginger, lemon and honey


Hot Cuban 9.50

Havana Club Rum, pineapple, lime and a dash of bitter


Tawney Negus 9.50

Quinta de la Rosa Tawney Port with cinnamon syrup