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Keeping you up to date with all our events and offerings at Merchants Tavern.

Events and Offerings

  • Weekends

    Merchants Tavern is open weekend. Serving Brunch, Lunch and Dinner in the bar Saturday 9am – 10pm. Sundays 10am – 5pm, brunch, roasts and A la Carte.
    Breakfast is served 9am – 11.30am, lunch and dinner are available during restaurant hours.

  • This weekend DJ's

    Thursday 13th December – Serge Gamesbourg (BBE)
    The man behind the 'Boston Goes Disco' compilation on BBE flies in from the USA for a boogie-fuelled Thursday.
    Friday 14th December – Chris Webb (Kalita Records)
    Kalita Records' Chris drops in with his top collection, including Kallaloo’s 'Star Child', the latest reissue to round off an impressive year.
    Saturday 15th December – Harri Pepper
    Balamii presenter and Cosmos Record’s own Harri returns for an evening of worldwide, upbeat jazz and soulful delights.